Welcome to Shade Tree Book Reviews

Please excuse the mess.

In the coming weeks, I will be working to develop a site that provides a one-stop place for book reviews that covers the spectrum of, not only genres, but also reading levels of books.  These reviews will include new releases and oldies since, as a librarian, I believe that if a book is still available in some form, it deserves the same attention as the “latest and greatest” by the hot contemporary authors.

These will be personal reviews, full of my own honest thoughts and reactions, but also those of my library’s patrons, whenever possible, via our story hour participants and my ‘Tween book discussion group.

I hope to spark discussions on books that have touched people in any way, good or bad, and will also be providing periodic video reviews for books that have had a great impact on me.

A calendar of up-and-coming book-related events will also be provided, be it book release dates or book-related weekly themes, such as Banned Books Week.

Please have patience during this time of development.  Place a bookmark here and return later for new information.  Until then, grab a book and enjoy!

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