The Main Corpse by Diane Mott Davidson

The Main Corpse


The impetuous moonlighting antics of Goldy Schulz, the inquisitive caterer, have once again hit the bookshelves with a mouthwatering bang.

In The Main Corpse, Goldilocks’ Catering is on the verge of becoming Goldilocks’ financial demise. Catered events have lately been few and far between. Luckily, Goldy’s best friend, commanding and ebullient Marla Korman, has set her up with what could amount to a string of future bookings.

Prospect Financial Partners, co-owned by Marla’s tactless boyfriend Tony Royce and the ill-advised Albert Lipscomb, is hosting a social gathering for its many “high-rolling” investors. This party is to mark the re-opening of the Eurydice Gold Mine inherited by Lipscomb.

Unfortunately, there is already a shadow cast over the celebration due to the recent untimely death of Victoria Lear, Prospect’s Chief Investment Officer.

Then it becomes a near-complete disaster when Marla initiates a full-fledged argument with Albert based on an assay report she received showing that the Eurydice is a non-productive mine. This, of course, attracts the attention of many in attendance and sets off a chain of events which includes embezzlement and murder and eventually lands Marla herself in jail.

The identity of the true culprit is lost in a muddle in which Albert Lipscomb apparently absconds with the investors’ money and a young female bank teller, and Marla is severely beaten before presumably murdering Tony, who is now also missing.

While endeavoring to rebuild her business, Goldy begins her own amateur investigation in an attempt to clear Marla’s name. With the aide of her former-employer-turned-prison-parolee General Bo Farquhar, her son Arch and his bloodhound, she begins to sort through the clues to discover the original crime and who’s behind it.

This book is upbeat, thoroughly enjoyable, and flows easily. Diane Mott Davidson has such a complete grasp of descriptive words that she equips the reader with the ability to visualize practically everything. The only distraction is with the slight repetition of words within a paragraph. As is evidenced by the following excerpt….

Tony uncoiled his athletic body and frowned at me. He gnawed on his perfectly trimmed bottle-brush mustache, brushed unseen lint from his khaki pants and khaki shirt, and smoothed his pouffed hair, which had not been flattened by the miner’s hard hat. He looked like Hitler with a blow-dry.

Once his mustache was described as bottle-brush, maybe he should have swept the lint off. Also, the words khaki pants could have been followed by and matching shirt. This is really not a major problem, just an easily ignored pet peeve of mine.

As always, located within the pages of this caterer’s mystery are the recipes of dishes made by Goldy for her clients….Chocoholic Cookies, Plantation Pilaf, Stir-Fry Chicken with Asparagus, and Cinnamon Griddle Scones, among others.

If you have not yet been introduced to the entertainment of a Goldy Schulz mystery, this one, the sixth in the series, is just as good a place to start as any. If you are familiar with Goldy, you will not be disappointed with The Main Corpse.

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